All businesses run into the same fundamental problem.
They need more clients to buy more products or services.
The good news? We can help you solve this.



Great work may be at the heart of what we do, but it is most effective when guided by simple, impactful strategic thinking. Tailor-made strategic solutions are paired with compelling design to ensure that your brand remains engaging and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Condriac creates opportunities for client growth through powerful integrated communications solutions. Our 360-degree approach to digital marketing ensures that you engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Media Buying

With our data-driven approach to media buying, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Our cohesive media solutions include paid social media, Google AdWords and Display Network, third-party websites, programmatic media buying and email marketing.


At the heart of every cohesive digital strategy is carefully curated, meaningful content. From copywriting and photography to video creation, Condriac selects and develops engaging content in the right mediums for your channel in order to meet your strategic business’ objectives.

Web Development

Condriac designs and builds responsive websites, mobisites and E-commerce sites centred on a holistic user experience to address your market. As a digital-first agency, we are uniquely positioned to address your development requirements in WordPress, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, Node.js, ExpressJS, CSS, Jade, AngularJS, MongoDB, and Mongoose.


Our approach to every project begins and ends with data. Carefully collected, statistically relevant insights guide campaign development in order to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Careers: Public Relations Account Manager

Careers: Public Relations Account Manager

We're looking for an experienced Account Manager to join our Public Relations team. See the the spec below and reach out if you think you're the right candidate: The day-to-day Managing a portfolio of PR accounts Providing strategic counsel to clients to aid their PR...

How Your Company Culture Increases Employee Motivation

How Your Company Culture Increases Employee Motivation

Your company culture is like your organisation’s unique identifier - like a fingerprint, it may be similar to others, but is uniquely distinct to your business. Your company culture reflects your business’ values and norms - your company’s structure and design can be...

Five Behaviours That Ruin Media Relationships

Five Behaviours That Ruin Media Relationships

As a PR professional, creating relationships with the media is a crucial part of working in the industry. Working with the media and establishing strong connections can lead to you becoming the go-to person in your area of expertise, however, irrespective of having...

The Age of the Micro-Influencer

The Age of the Micro-Influencer

When you hear the word influencer, what usually comes to mind? In most cases, you’ll think about a celebrity or a popular Instagrammer with millions of followers across platforms. While this is the typical perception of an influencer (otherwise known as...

Trends in Media Buying and Digital Advertising

Trends in Media Buying and Digital Advertising

Mobile first: this is the current overarching prime-directive every digital advertising company should be focusing on. Google themselves have, in fact, stated that they are hurtling towards regarding mobile as the only meaningful digital platform. What does this...



The digital landscape is our playground. Condriac offers big agency expertise with the bespoke, full-service creative solutions of a boutique agency. We specialise in programmatic lead generation, public relations, media buying and web development.



Ross Meyer

Ross is the CFO and CTO of Condriac. Ross began his career in Financial Auditing, where he completed his articles and spent a year as an audit supervisor. The analytical mindset gained from the years of studying financial models afforded him the ability to approach marketing functions differently. His particular flair for Digital Marketing, where everything is tracked and measured, lead Ross into Media Buying and Website Development. It is through this analytical mindset that he has achieved a number of successes for clients, particularly in the optimisation of campaigns and results obtained.

Keshia Patchiappen

Keshia is the CEO of Condriac. Keshia is passionate about revolutionising the way in which brands are marketed in the digital space, and is extremely focused on the inclusion of data in cohesive Public Relations and Communications strategies. She believes that diversity works hand-in-hand with creativity, and that this is the fire that fuels Condriac’s dynamic approach to marketing across the board.

Gary Meyer

Gary is the founder and managing partner of Condriac. Gary boasts over 10 years’ experience in the industry and has worked on brands both locally and across Africa. He has a record of success in integrated digital marketing, social media and product launches for B2C consumer companies including Guinness, Hollard, Virgin Atlantic, Apple, Nintendo, TomTom, Microsoft and Dimension Data. Gary has created innovative online campaigns which have directly impacted brand awareness and reflected positive ROI. He offers unique expertise in the South African and African market through innovative strategies to resonate with consumers.