When you hear the word influencer, what usually comes to mind? In most cases, you’ll think about a celebrity or a popular Instagrammer with millions of followers across platforms. While this is the typical perception of an influencer (otherwise known as macro-influencers), there is a niche group of influencers worth considering to elevate your campaign – the micro-influencer.

Micro-influencers are social media users who have a reasonable following, but this audience is typically highly engaged and relevant to the influencer’s content or demographic. Agencies tend to seek macro-influencers for campaigns because they have a bigger following, and have the mindset that the bigger the following, the more impactful the influencer will be. These macro-influencers also tend to cost a pretty penny.

Here are four great reasons why micro-influencers can elevate your campaign:

    1. They have a smaller audience, but are often more engaged.

      If you follow a YouTuber, you know that you normally visit their website on a regular basis and follow them on all
      their social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
      You keep up with their latest news as if they were your closest friends or family. When you interact with them, they
      are very likely to comment back and develop conversations and relationships with you. Other people are also
      doing the same, which indicates that these influencers enjoy a very engaged following.


    1. A more targeted audiences means they attract a certain demographic.

      If you are a brand of a specific niche, you are trying to attract a certain audience, so you need to narrow your
      communication channel. Macro-influencers attract all kinds of followers, but micro-influencers tend to attract a
      more specific audience. It is more worthwhile for you to go straight for this audience, where you can find your
      customer base.


    1. Micro-influencers are more approachable.

      While macro-influencers might have public relations staff and people who cater to the media as well as to
      companies and are therefore often harder to pin down or connect with, micro-influencers are more open to
      opportunities to elevate their personal brands by partnering with yours.


  1. Micro-influencers will fit perfectly into your budget.

    Instead of breaking the bank for a macro-influencer, micro-influencers tend to be more affordable. Collaborating
    with an influencer with a dedicated and specific following definitely means more bang for your buck.