LeBron James

When it comes to, twitter, or social media and money in the digital arena, it’s universally understood that digital campaigns compared to traditional broadcasting methods are considerably more cost efficient and measurable. Traditional advertising methods like radio, publications and TV advertisements are known to be more expensive than any digital campaign.

Except in this case… where one tweet from LeBron James, a professional athlete who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA was valued at a whopping R1.8million!! That works out to be R13 000 per character on the micro-blogging website. (Each tweet is limited to 140 characters)

Paid for tweets

Opendorse is the company that valuated the sponsored tweet and has since stated that the second and third highest sponsored tweet came from Kevin Durant (R877 000) and Kobe Bryant (R550 000). Their names need no introduction being pro athletes from the same sport. James’ tweet is the highest estimation in social media history. Opendorse specialize in marketing endorsements between social media platforms and athletes.

“James’ tweet is the highest valuation in social media history.”

You might want to ask, “What would my company be paying for in a R1.8million endorsement deal?” Well if you managed to put your product on LeBron James’ twitter profile you would have a global reach of 23.3 million people!

Cheaper than traditional

Despite this huge sum of money earned by James in this specific valuation, it’s reported (by Opendorse) that a traditional marketing campaign would’ve set you back 5 times that amount to reach the same number of consumers. So we stick to our universal understanding that “digital is cheaper!”


Bonus clip: LeBron James – Nike Ad