Have you ever come across a campaign or advert from one of your favourite brands and had no
impact on you whatsoever? Often brands with the best intentions miss the mark in terms of their
content strategy because two crucial elements are overlooked: the relevance and resonance of
your content. Ensuring that your content adheres to both of these elements is one of those
touchy-feely things no one talks about. However, applying these simple concepts are incredibly
important and can be difficult to do.

For instance, when companies are running campaigns, they tend to choose an influencer based
on their social media following and tend to overlook whether the influencer or the campaign
itself is relevant for the audience or the end goal of the campaign. Having an influencer that is
relevant to your campaign demonstrates to your key audiences that your campaign is for them
and is geared towards their interests. This gives the audience tangible evidence that supporting
your organisation and its work is in their self-interest. It shows that your work matters, that there
is a commonality and a shared goal. Relevance helps your campaign pique the audience’s

Now that you have captured your audience interest, you need to get them to participate and
share the content. Resonance is what will determine your audience level of engagement with
the message and whether they would actively amplify the content by sharing it with their own
followers. The element of resonance is closely related to the relevance. In fact, the latter cannot
exist without the former.

Relevance and resonance are two root concepts that, and when employed, will lead to
consistent and sustained success. Once you understand these concepts and apply them to all
aspects of a campaign, your strategy begins to fall in place, no matter what the platform is.