The top 10 memes of 2016!

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This is a look back at the memes that made us laugh the hardest last year – we’re big fans of memes, they are easily shareable, easy to consume and can provide hours of pointless fun while we’re staring at our smartphones. Be sure to let us know if there are any memes that we missed!



At number 10 we have a cult favourite, Damn Daniel. This meme spawned from a guy constantly pranking his friend Daniel – mainly because of his iconic white Vans.


The Bernie vs Hillary memes were initially meant to show crucial differences in each candidate’s political ideology – however they quickly turned into hilarious memes usually portraying Bernie as streetwise and in touch with the people with Hillary’s responses usually humorous or out of touch.


Crying Jordan pretty much broke the internet when it appeared – it’s pretty hilarious seeing such an iconic sportsman reduced to tears, but the internet is a cruel place and the meme proliferated rapidly (we’re not complaining.)


Drake has always been fodder for the meme-gods, with his hot line bling music video spawning thousands of memes and parodies – with the launch of his ‘Views from the 6’ album; he created a website where you could place a mini Drake onto your photos, as a way to show hype for the album. The internet ran wild and thus these new Drake memes were born and we’re still laughing at them today!


Perhaps the strangest meme on this list, a Gorilla named Harambe was shot at the Cincinatti Zoo on the 28th of May 2016 – after a young child fell into his enclosure. Harambe has been instantly elevated to meme-lord status; sprouting thousands of messages of sadness and support for this furry friend.


Evil Kermit has got to be one of our favourites – a simple format; showing your internal thoughts facing up against your darker side, this meme had us in stitches more often than not!


Arthur’s fist was one of those memes that can be easily used for any situation – it started off just being a screenshot from one of the cartoon’s episodes; but became a metaphor for all the times we were furious and couldn’t express ourselves. Thank you Arthur for being our outlet.


Angry Michael Phelps isn’t the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve.


Pepe the frog has gone from being a commonly used troll meme on websites like 4chan and 9gag to national news as he was proclaimed a white supremacist symbol – however these claims are dubious at best and the frog has been as popular as ever.


Number one is none other than the “Bone apple teeth” meme – which started when twitter users captioned photo’s of their gross food, with bastardized versions of the phrase Bon appetit. They quickly devolved into nonsensical phrases that keep us laughing.